• Glitter and Foil applique 

Foil Transfers

Foil Transfers are a great option when looking for a reflective surface on a shirt. The transfers are a metallic facing adhered to the shirt with clear adhesive ink. They are bright and highly reflective, although they do require special care to maintain their luster. Silver and gold are standard colors, although special requests can be made.


Glitter Ink is the best way to bring sparkle into your design. Blue, silver, or clear pieces of glitter are intermixed with standard ink of any color. You can choose between mixing the glitter in the ink before screen-printing, or on the ink after the design has been printed.

Metallic inks

Metallic inks are another option for you to achieve a metallic surface in your design. The ‘metallic’ lies in the ink itself (versus being an on-lay or transfer), and are available in a variety of colors (silver and gold are standard). Metallic inks work best when there are no small details to fill as the ink is a bit thicker than normal.

Rhinestone application 

Rhinestone application is a decoration process that adds a 3 dimensional flare to a garment.

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